Valley of the Sick & the Stupid

by Minus9

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Recorded by Jim Diamond at Ghetto Recorders in Detroit, MI
on April 14-15, 2014

All songs by Minus9

Andrew Claydon—Vocals, Bass
Steve Marton—Drums

Guest vocals on “Worst Case in Utero” by the Devil & Adrienne Berry

pdf artwork included with album download.


released May 31, 2015




Minus9 Ypsilanti, Michigan

Drum and Bass Hardcore/grindcore/thrashmetal/crossover and back again. We scream songs about: Hate, war, death, corruption, ignorance, torture, kidnapping, genocide, religion, death. Did we mention death? cause there's a lot of it.

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Track Name: Open Letter to tourist, juice boxers, queues, elevators, rabble-rousers, branding, the anonymous, comfort, rascals, social media, corpse grinders, military industrial complex, fans of Michael Patton, them, creatives, sharks, winners, libertarian punx, …
I hope you suffer
Hope you cry
I hope it's slow and painful when you die!
Track Name: Green Inferno
Let’s take a trip
to the wrong side of the tracks
Let’s travel far from home
deep into the great unknown

Down the river
through the wood
Trampling on, some other mans hood

Let’s make them act like we expect them to act
Do to them what we assume they’d do
then us, and them, you, and I, we’re all gonna...

Into the darkest region
we find our fun
Trapped in a new world
with no where to run

and we’re gonna go down
and there’s no coming back
you’ll lose your conscious and your soul
when we sink
deep into the green inferno
Track Name: Coddler
So your turning middle age
and now you want to breed
just one little shit
is all you think you need

Now you’re keeping it close
and you’re it’s best friend
a lack of social skills is what you get in the end

It’s just a toddler
Your just a coddler
Like a precious doll on a shelf
Never gonna stand up for itself

Hey look at mine, ain’t it just the best?
but it ain’t nothing special
it’s just like all the rest

cause it ain’t yet a person
it’s just a little shit
it’s brain ain’t developed
so don’t try to reason with it

It’s just a toddler
Your just a coddler
Like a precious doll on a shelf
Never gonna stand up for itself

In a condesending voice
is the only way you talk
mah mah mah, mah mah mah
where’s your juice box!!!!

Do you want to see it grow?
Do you want to see it learn?
Then take your hands of that leash
and watch it crash and burn
Track Name: Exhaust Huffer
Sitting in traffic most of the day
Sitting Sitting Sitting it’s the American way
Car exhaust is all you ever smell
Sitting in your personal hell

Exhaust Huffer, why don’t you turn your engine off

Start Stop Start Stop you’re going nowhere
another cars ass you sit and stare
Now the needle’s getting low on your gage
while you’re getting fat and building up rage

Exhaust Huffer, why don’t you turn your engine off

A better life is what I dispute
When most of your life is in a commute
Staring at tail lights is all you have left
I call that a very slow death

you Exhaust Huffer, why don’t you turn your engine off

If this is your life than give it up
Stick your head in a tail pipe to speed things up
the way you’re going it’s gonna take awhile
why not do it Bobby Fuller style?
Is your engine gonna choke?

Exhaust Huffer, you finally turned your engine—OFF!
Track Name: Small Box
Fat & Lazy
Waiting for the small box

Fat & Lazy
Getting in a small box

Fat & Lazy
Cramped in a small box

Fat & Lazy is now trapped
In a small box

Fat & Lazy
is now dead
Dead in a small box
Track Name: Salmon
Salmon, going against the stream
Rebel, doing your own thing
Bad ass, ain’t the systems tool
Moron, playing by your own rules

But no one cares, about the things you do
and they’re gonna slam, smack into you

Salmon, going against the grain
Rebel, stupid or insane
Bad ass, think you’re gonna last
Moron, lying dead on your ass

and I don’t care, moronic things you do
and I’m gonna slam, straight into you

You ain’t got no smarts
Ain’t got no shame
and when you fall
you’ve got yourself to blame

cause no nobody cares,
The stupid things you do
They’re gonna slam, right into you

Rebel, Bad Ass, Moron, Salmon!
Track Name: Potter’s Field
I don’t know you, so I don’t care about you
Don’t give a damn if you live or die.

If I see you dying in the street
I won’t even blink an eye.

Do you know what you are?
’cause I know what you are!

You’re nothing to me.
Track Name: Get in the Hand Basket
We don’t know WHO you are
but we know WHAT you are
Hiding in the shadows
Your true colors finally show

Your hate
your fear
your weakness
all come to the surface to freely flow

You’re faceless
in paranoia with all of the rest

A mistake
a defective place
you strike the keys
a pox in cyber space

Let’s Go! Let’s go to Hell!

There is nothing here to save
nothing but a empty shell
Lashing out from your secure little hole
a one way trip to Hell,
Get in the hand basket

No mercy,
or compasion
in isolation
you breed only contempt
as you feed on the hate

jump right in
into the fire
don’t think twice
no reason to question, no reason stop,
you’ve found your place so why hesitate?

Let’s Go! Let’s go to Hell!

There is nothing here to save
nothing but a empty shell
Lashing out from your secure little hole
a one way trip to Hell,
Get in the hand basket

Come out,
from under your bridge
and take my hand
and let’s go
let’s go to
let’s go to Hell!
Get in the hand basket
Track Name: Harvest
your body and soul
what you have,
will you let it go?

Because comfort has
a very high price
Will you sell it all
and not think twice

sell it for pennies,
pennies on the pound
you won’t stop selling,
till you’re in the ground

do you need that kidney?
do you need a heart?
if that’s the price of comfort
can we? tear you apart?

and Harvest
Your body and soul
Track Name: Wal*Mart Arms
When to the store to buy shit made cheap
but it’s only going to last a week
Then we go back and that’s the charm
when swing around our Wal*mart arms

Pumping them out like we just don’t care
Make you ride in a motorized chair
Treat you like cows in a factory farm
when we swing our Wal*mart arms

Growing bigger every day
we’re never going to go away
Don’t care if we’re doing any harm
so you better watch out when we swing, swing,
when we swing our Wal*mart arms!
Track Name: Implosion
Implosion, of the world I know
It slips away but I can’t let go
Splintered and cracked, the damage is done
There’s no hope, against this implosion

It’s treason, in my domain
It’s ripped and torn, It’ll never be the same
I can’t concede, the battle’s is won
There’s no hope, against this implosion

Progress for progress sake
just one crack is all it takes
Trapped in a battle that I can’t win
No hope, against the enemy within

First from the front, and then from the back
From inside a cancer attack
Thrashing, shredding, into ribbon and thread
Hemorrhaging from the inside my world is dead

It’s dead!
Track Name: Staring at a Screen
There’s a dance I think you know
—called the staring at a screen
We see it every place we go
—the staring at a screen
If done right your face will glow
—staring at a screen
Looks like a thrill to just stand still
—doing the staring at...

Everyone zone out on the floor
—staring at a screen
Don’t worry if you look a bore
—they’re staring at a screen
What else did you come here for?
—but to staring at a screen
Do you practice at home while you’re alone?
—the staring at...

First you plant your feet and stop moving to the beat
Then you tip your head down and move your thumbs around
You better move fast while staring at that glass because someone in the pit might knock you on your ass!

While staring at a screen
Track Name: Eat Your Children
The world is broken,
devoid of life, there’s only death
Looks like the human race,
is the only species that is left

It's a delicacy — we never has before
once taboo — but not any more

What to do to survive?
Well were in luck
we’ve got a food supply
just requires you to fuck
then eat your childrew
will you eat your children?
you’re gonna eat your children
you know you’ll eat your children!

Stick them in gestation crates
only two years you’ll have to wait
You can have the option of dark or white
make your mouth water with every bite

it’s tender meat — taste alot like veil
but it’s your children — you gotta be willing to kill

you’re gonna eat your children
go on and eat your children
you’re gonna eat your children
you know you’ll eat your children!

The oceans are boiling
there’s no more life, only death
looks like your children are the food supply that’s left
Track Name: 6-6-2
Can you hear the screams of torture?
Crammed like sardines in a tin
as you sit around and stuff your face
and squeeze out another shit coffin

If you’re in fear is of a beast
better not take a look within
Can’t call yourself a human
as you pinch off another shit coffin
Track Name: Redacted
We conspire,
behind closed doors
The contracts are signed,
it’s time for another war

Who’d we buy,
and who was willing to sell
It’s for us to know
and we never have to tell

bacause it's Redacted

Freedom of info,
is the freedom to lie
is now a black bar across your eyes

Who pulled the trigger?
you’ll never know
You deserve the truth?
Well you better let that notion go.

bacause it's Redacted

We sent XXXXXXX to assassinate the XXXXXX XXXXXXXXX,
and now XXXXXX is coming for you.
Track Name: Worse Case in Utero
He seemed real nice, liked DC Talk
—Running out of time! You're running out of time!
Now I fear he had the devil’s cock
—Running out of time! You're running out of time!
I know it’s a sin to take it’s life
— Running out of time! You're running out of time!
but what if it’s the anti christ?

Now there’s a bump I can not hide
—No longer deny what grows inside
What it is I do not know
—Could be worst case in utero

I’ve been thinking hard about Plan C
—Running out of time! You're running out of time!
Is what god intended for me
—Running out of time! You're running out of time!
Please lord just give me sign
—Running out of time! You're running out of time!
4 months have past and I’m running out of time
Track Name: Acid Attack
For every inch of skin I see
brings out the sinner in me
For every inch you show
make’s something swell down below

To stop those feelings I felt
I’m going to make your face melt
One way for you to learn
is for you to watch your skin burn

So cover it up!
So I don't get it up
Cover it up!
or face an acid attack

Your skirt’s so short your skirt’s so short
you’re just asking to be raped
With heels so high. You can not run,
there’s no way for you to escape

You’re nothing but a walking sin
bringing out the Devil within
I can’t advert my eyes
my lust will be your demise

So cover it up!
So I don't get it up
Cover it up!
or face an acid attack
Track Name: Winner Take All
Winner Take All

Well this is it!
it’s just you and me
and the last one standing
writes the history

if there’s only one story, there’s only one tale
then there’s only one side
if you don’t breathe, then you don’t talk
a body can’t say I lied

Winner Take All

and I can say what I want
you won’t contradict me
cause I’m the last one standing
and I write your history

I’ll make you the villian
as for me, of course I’m the hero
no one’s the wiser, no one will question
only my side they’ll know

Winner Take All

This thing is going down
It’s where I stand my ground
Only the winner is gonna walk
resonable doubt
is what it’s all about
because dead men don’t talk

Winner Take All