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Recorded by Jim Diamond at Ghetto Recorders in Detroit, MI
on July 23, 2012


released May 2, 2013

All songs by Minus9
except music for “Genocide” by Link Wray

Andrew Claydon—Vocals, Bass
Steve Marton—Drums

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Minus9 Ypsilanti, Michigan

Drum and Bass Hardcore/grindcore/thrashmetal/crossover and back again. We scream songs about: Hate, war, death, corruption, ignorance, torture, kidnapping, genocide, religion, death. Did we mention death? cause there's a lot of it.

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Track Name: bloodbath
Do what ever it takes
to wash away the sin
scrub it hard and deep
till there’s blood
Get your body clean

scrub away your skin

scrub it deep and hard

time to take a

Pour it in your ears

Don’t hear them plead or shout
Kill them all, cleanse the world
Let God sort them out

Bathe in type A

Bathe in type B

Bathe in type O

Let it flow into a

Shed it

Spill it

Drink it

Blood of Christ, that the shit
One way to be pure
to cleanse your body and soul
Drink the blood, drink the blood
Let them know, blood will flow, their blood will flow

Swim, Sink, Drown, In blood!
Track Name: explode

When the queers demand equal right
When your caught listening in the night
When your bill doesn’t go through

When the people are questioning you

When you’re caught flat out in a lie

When you’re blamed for the thousands of people who have die
When they are calling you an ass

When your latest tax cut doesn’t pass

When your children don’t have enough to eat
When you see your neighbors corpse dead on the street
When you have nothing left to live for

When your family is lying dead on the floor

Explosions on the left

Explosions on the right

Explosions erupting in the dead of night
Explosions on a plane

Explosion from a car

Explosions on a bus
It’s gone too far

Explode with no reason, but in Gods name

now there’s a reason that I think is insane
Track Name: breeding ground
Breeding Ground

What’s to blame?

Fear or ignorance

It’s all the same

Living your life

Looking forward to death
Without your faith
You’ve got nothing left

Embrace God

Ignore the rubber

Do you really need another?

Little shit around your neck

At least it’ll increase your welfare check

Breeding Ground
Who’s to blame?
Here or there
It’s all the same
Track Name: IMDNME
I don’t think like you think

I don’t speak how you speak

I don’t live where you live


I don’t eat what you eat

I don’t drink what you drink

I don’t drive what you drive

I don’t read the things you read
I don’t believe what you believe
I’ll never vote like you vote

I won’t wear what you wear

I won’t smell like you smell

I won’t shop where you shop


I don’t feel the way you feel

I don’t go where you go

I won’t play the games you play


I won’t bleed for what you believe

I won’t fight for what you think is right
I won’t go because I know that

Track Name: you look ’armless
I see a figure coming from a far

I get on edge cause I don’t know who they are
Moving fast with a purpose in their walk

Ask questions later there’s no time to talk

It’s self defense right? That makes it okay?
Could be a threat that’s coming my way
Getting closer we exchange a glance

Fire off my weapon, gonna take no chance

You look ’armless! You look ’armless!
Your swagger is gone, your just stumbling around
You look ’armless! You look ’armless!
No longer a threat with your limbs on the ground
You look ’armless! You look ’armless!
Track Name: eat the dead
There’s plenty of war
and many have died

Don’t let them go to waste
Let’s see how they taste
Let's eat the dead

Cook the meat
Tan the hyde

Don’t leave a single piece
Use everything inside
Eat the dead

There’s so much fresh meat laying around

Stuff it in your mouth

don’t stick it in the ground

There’s too many humans
many will starve

Just take the ones that die to cook and carve
Let's eat the dead

Let’s not waste them
Let’s eat them instead
Track Name: Blackwater
A black death
Spreading like a plague

Till there's nothing left

Privatize the government
Bring on the end of days
Pillaging the world
Set it all a blaze

No laws apply here
Bodies lie every where
Won't take the blame
for killing in your name
we sink!

In black water
Stuck in the sludge

can’t move, can’t budge
Burn all laws down
while we just sit and drown
in a black death

Pillaging the world
Till there’s noting left but a black... water

Smell, the stench, of Blackwater
Track Name: genocide
You don't like us
We don't like you
You take an eye
We'll take two

Tooth for a tooth
Eye for an eye
Blind and starved
That's how we'll die

We're up to our necks so watch us drown
Just one excuse and we'll take you down
No sympathy will be found
We'll put you six feet in the ground

and if the choice is us or you
You know exactly what we're going to do
Genocide! Genocide!
Track Name: Iblis
Track Name: WWVII
WWVII broke out in the late 2000’s

It was the most violent in a long time
The one arm mutants from East Asia

threw rocks and bones at the legless European freaks
Their only means of attacking was by biting at close range

This battle raged on for several weeks

until all but five were still alive

WWVIII arose just one year later

after a minor dispute

This then caused them to divided into two tribes
Three in one, two in the other

This war didn’t last long

as they viciously gnawed at each others mangled flesh
And after two short hours
Only one stood victorious

The final one remaining died several weeks later of infection
Being the only survivor, ended the so called human race
Track Name: bedwetter
You, soil your sheets
You, stain your mattress
You, have no control!

How, do you ignore it?
Lying, in piss and shit
You, wake up wet!

You've made your bed
Now you will lie in it
Lying in your own filth
Blood, oil, piss, and shit
You're just a bedwetter
You'll wake up wet!
Track Name: black
Block out the sun, darken the sky
Turn the world…

Spill into the oceans, on to the birds
Turn the world…

Strip off the mountains, tar the land
Turn the world…

Moving forward, never looking back
Turn the world…

Ignore the green, ignore the blue, as for the red, blot it out too
when you turn it all…

Pull the curtains, cover your eyes
Turn the world…

Bury your head in a hole
Turn the world…

What you can't see won't hurt you
When you turn it…